Making “Strydes”

Stryder’s origins go back to 1989 when we opened as a boutique JIT (Just-in-Time) delivery service in Greater Vancouver for our sole customer with six trucks and eighteen trailers.

By 2005, we had formed a solid vision of a consolidated service platform for our growing group of customers, in addition to achieving consistent on-time performance, year after year. Over the next decade, this vision was refined by bringing together the Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution of production materials for a number of Canadian beverage clients.

With proof of execution that streamlines procurement and production planning to never-before-seen levels, Stryder has grown to become one of the largest asset-based logistics providers in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwestern USA. Today, we are the vital link between suppliers and every major bottler in the region.

Alliance Pacific (A & P Transport) founded by Ronald Anderson


A & P Transport becomes Stryder Motorfreight

March 2005

Opening of 1st 40,000 ft­² Warehouse in Vancouver, BC

Creation of Stryder’s Consolidated Service Platform


Annual Sales Increase by 500%


Establishment of Stryder USA and Opening of 100,000 ft² Warehouse in Kent, WA

March, 2007

Annual Sales Increase by 200%


Opening of Additional 120,000 ft² Warehouse

2008, Vancouver, BC

Annual Sales Increase by 180%


Opening of 100,000 ft² Warehouse

2010, Portland, OR

Opening of Stryder West and New 90,000 ft² Warehouse

May 2011, Calgary, AB

Annual Sales Increase by 160%


US & Canadian Fleets Grow to 500+ Units in Operation


Stryder Hosts 1st Annual Driver Awards Gala

July 2013, Vancouver, BC

Stryder Pacific Established

Grand Opening of Head Offices

2013, Richmond, BC

Acquisition of 140,000 ft² Warehouse at Stryder West

2014, Calgary, AB

Stryder Canada opens 150,000 ft² Vancouver Beverage Center (VBC) Warehouse

2015, Richmond, BC

Stryder receives Nestle Waters Canada’s Customer Service Excellence Award

2016, Vancouver, BC

Stryder is named Finalist for Coca-Cola Canada’s Supplier of the Year Award

2017, Toronto, ON

Stryder USA opens 110,000 ft² Kingsport Warehouse

March 2018, Kent, WA

Stryder USA Opens Additional 88,000 ft² Warehouse

May 2018, Tacoma, WA

Stryder USA acquires Sustainable Logistics LLC

April 2019, Portland, OR

Stryder Announces California Lane Expansion

August 2019, Los Angeles, CA

Stryder celebrates 30th Anniversary

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What Do We Believe In?

Our corporate philosophy is a simple one: “Teamwork from all avenues generates efficiencies at all levels.” It is the foundation of our workplace environment, and guides us when establishing protocols and business practices.

As the immediate expectation and continuing goal, our philosophy provides the individuals at Stryder with a clear directive, whether they are working with our valued partners, or each other. It also plainly states our policy of mutual respect and intolerance towards discrimination in any form.

Our culture is collaborative, communicative, and reflects personal responsibility in the workplace – again – at all levels. Individual perspectives matter, as they lead to broader efficiencies. This is evidenced in our people, award-winning services, and the long-standing recognition of business partners, clients & communities in which we serve.

“We’ve Always Worked With Horses…”

…From the Fields…

“Harvesting in North Dakota with my grandfather…”



Obe Halverson, 1918, Dwight, ND


…To the Pastures…


“Ranching in Saskatchewan with my father…”


David Saam, 1984, Spiritwood, SK

Saam David Stryder History

“…and now with a new breed… on the road.”

Recognition & Paying It Forward

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