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Our goal is to provide effective and cutting-edge service in all aspects of our business, from customer relations to our drivers on the road and beyond. That’s why our employees are “Stryders” in their own right; individual achievements are company-wide victories. From our earliest days as a boutique carrier to our present as an influential multi-service provider, each person’s spirit, commitment, and contributions to their career continues to build upon every step forward that we take.


It’s Always About Our “Stryders”!

Truck Driving is one of the most demanding careers, and that’s something we recognize. Every member of our expanding fleet is a dynamic and unique individual that we’re proud to have with us, and invested in helping achieve their aspirations – they’re an invaluable resource that forms our foundation. Our staff members and management are proven leaders in their own right, recognizing that performance, teamwork, and respect are vital in our driver development and retention goals.

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At our company, we don’t confuse motion with action. To meet and conquer the challenges of an industry that is constantly in motion, we require passionate individuals with a strong voice and the utmost care, consideration, and high standards behind every action they take. With many of our corporate employees and management staff starting in our industry as truck drivers, we believe strongly in promoting from within. As we continue to grow and reach new milestones, new “Stryders” are always sought after to add to our legacy.

Stryder encourages individuals of all genders, races, and nationalities to become a part of our company and industry. We are proud to welcome forward-thinking people from all backgrounds, as each person who makes up the foundations of our business, in turn, creates broader & brighter efficiencies, recognition, and horizons.

We are also dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, and harassment-free workplace for all, including women and those who identify with LGBTQ+ communities, both on and off the road. With our zero-tolerance policy for discriminatory actions and speech, our company works to break down the obstacles facing many women and minorities who may be hesitant about pursuing a career in a frequently male-dominated industry.

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Stryder is a member of BCTA and WTA