Women in Trucking at Stryder

Q&A Session: Tori G.

Lane: US Domestic

Q:   When did you start your career as a truck driver?  

A: “In August of 2012!”

Q: What is your favorite aspect of your career?

A: “Getting to be independent and see the country, and the pay is great.”

Q:   Why did you get into trucking, and, how did you start driving for Stryder?

A: “Getting out into the world had always been a dream of mine. What better way to get what you want and give back? I almost was a victim of the Houston hurricane/tropical storm, so I decided I would come off the road to be closer to my family. I saw a Stryder truck while I was trying to find a local job, so I went to the website and applied — I am so glad I did, I love it here.”

Q:   What do you think of life on the road?

A: “Life on the road is great. You get to drive all day, see the beautiful country, eat whatever you want, sleep in your truck… these are the good parts. It is hard to go without seeing your family often, but the road becomes your family.”

Q:   What is your favorite part of driving with Stryder? Are there any specific stories or moments that you can recall?

A: “My favorite part of driving with Stryder is that it’s a local position between Olympia and Lacey, and I make good money doing it. We don’t get a lot of snow over here so I’m happy about that. And my job is fun: not only do I drive the semi-truck and trailer back and forth but I also push pallets on to the back of my truck on roller beds, now that’s fun. I don’t have to pay for the gym!”

Q:   Why do you think more women should be involved in the trucking industry, and do you have any advice for other people who might be interested in starting their own career as a truck driver?

A: “Anyone can do it, including women. It doesn’t take a PhD to drive a semi-truck… but it’s also not just a simple run-of-the-mill career. It helped for me to gain more independence, allowed me to have a place to live, pay my bills, see the country and learn how to be myself again on my own.”

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